Kids Nook Comes to Eataly!

Last week we were invited to play some Sensory Storytime games at the Italian resturant/market Eataly for their one year anniversary.  We had a great time of course, and met some old friends as well as seeing new ones! It was a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to do it again!





(Photos thanks to Çiğdem Karabacak)

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Storytelling: The Princess and the Pea

This weekend we were proud to introduce the newest storyteller on our team: our very own Buse Özel!

DSC_0157She did an excellent job of telling the Turkish version of The Princess and the Pea! Afterwards, our visiting princesses made their own facial masks…


Then they even made their own pillows, just in case they get lost in a storm like the princess in our story!

DSC_0175Don’t you just love how wonderful our little princesses are? I know we do!

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