Kids Nook Reads: The Ant and the Big Bad Bully Goat

Today’s story is a fun one that teaches us how to deal with bullies sometimes. Featuring a mean “Bully Goat,” the timid badger, and our brave little ant, we realize that the solutions to our problems often come in small packages.


The Ant and the Big Bad Bully Goat
by Andrew Fusek Peters
Illustrated by Anna Wadham

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawls All Over Kids Nook!

This past weekend we played with one of our old favorites, The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

We helped her get her breakfast for the day by catching all the little bugs!


After that we had to catch our own little bugs, just like the Spider!



And of course we wouldn’t be able to play with the Spider if we didn’t learn how to spin our very own webs!



We used colored spahgetti and rice for our activities today, as well as little wooden ladybugs that the kids could “catch” with their spoons! It was a blast, and we hope you enjoyed looking at our photos as much as we did playing in them!

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Sensory Storytime Video!

Ever wonder what our Sensory Storytimes look like in action? Then we’ve got a treat for you!

This video features our farm yard story, which is usually used as a companion to Old MacDonald. In it the kids have to build a farm for the animals and put up fences to guard them from wild animals. After that it starts to snow! The kids have to pick out the big snowballs from the farm so the animals have a safe place to stay!

We hope you enjoy this!

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New Story! Duck Goes Potty!

I’m so excited to announce our new set of Sensory Storytime stories! We started off with the book Duck Goes Potty, an adorable book that helps kids transition into potty training!

duck goes pottyDSC_0008 Our sensory games including having the kids change the diapers on their own stuffed animals, which they loved!

(photo here)

Then we needed to teach duck how to use the potty properly.

First we needed to build our own ducks from colored dough…


Then we cleaned up his messes that he accidentally made 🙂


Once we cleaned up, we put everything in the “toilet.”


And lastly we remembered to washed our hands!

DSC_0044We had SUCH a great time with this story, and we can’t wait to show you more of what we’re doing!

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Special Preview: Three Cats, One Wish

Now normally we keep our updates to just Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but we had so much fun today getting ready for our program tomorrow that I wanted to share it with you.

Tomorrow we will host Sara Şahinkanat, famous Turkish children’s author, as she tells her story “Three Cats, One Wish.” It’s a sweet story about three cats who look out for each other while they wait for a shooting star so they can make their own special wish…

To get ready we made our own little puppets…

DSC_0013And even little booties for the cats!

DSC_0010Isn’t he a sweetie?

DSC_0016We were also able to customize our very own puppet theatre to set the mood for this great story!


We can’t wait for tomorrow! We’ll keep you updated, and we’ll see you next week!

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The Elves and the Shoemaker

We were able to do an English storytelling last week: the classic Elves and the Shoemaker! It was fun, but probably the best part was when we made our very own shoes!


Our elves were very busy, doing their best to create the best shoes they could think of!


DSC_0216We had a fun time, and we’re glad our friends were able to as well!

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