Links: Putting Things in Order

As a child I loved things like puzzles, patterns, and sequencing games. I think it just appealed to this part of me that craves order. Now that craving hasn’t quite reached the part of my life that includes cleaning my room, but I do have a great appreciation for these great kindergarten games!

1) Buttons and Pipe Cleaners Sequencing and Matching at Child Care Basics Resource Blog

2) Play-Doh and Pasta Pattern Maker

3) The Very Hungry Caterpillar Coloring and Sequencing Page

4) Paper Chain Color Sequence 

5) “Skip Counting” Puzzles 

Happy Pattern-ing!

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There Was an Old Lady…

There was an Old Lady… with some really strange eating habits. That being said, just look at the size of her tummy!


Of course, we had to be kind to our guest, so we fed her some flies, some spiders…



And then some even bigger animals!


I hope she’s okay getting home! Tell us, have you met this old lady? Don’t you think her diet is a little strange? What kind of weird things do you like to eat? Tell us in the comments below!

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Links to the Rainbow!

To finish off our Very Hungry Caterpillar week, we decided to share some great kids activities inspired by Eric Carle’s great use of color!  Check out the links below for fun games!

1) Rainbow Toy Hunt- Coffee Cups and Crayons

It’s a simple idea, but look at how cool it is!

2) Pompom Color Matching


This game would be a good one to help kids figure out different shades of colors. Afterall, not all reds are the same 🙂

3) “Magic Milk” and Mixing Colors at Lemon Lime Adventures

An oldie but a goodie! Kids love seeing how the dishsoap, milk, and colors work together (and so do I!)

4) Colored Flower Experiment at Growing a Jeweled Rose


Another classic experiment where you can see what cool colors you can make with colored water and white daisies.

5) Homemade Rainbow Frozen Yogurt Snacks at Coffee Cups and Crayons


Ready for a snack? Try making your own rainbow yogurt freeze pops!

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Sensory Play with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week was a bit of a Hungry Caterpillar week, can you tell? That’s okay, it’s absolutely one of our favorite stories! For our Sensory Storytime classes, we had the kids participate in a number of ways.

vhc 4

First they had to find the caterpillar eggs inside our sensory bins (or bowls!)

vhc 2

vhc 5

Next they made leaf homes for the little Jumping Clay caterpillars so that the little caterpillars could have lots and lots of food!

And after the caterpillar went inside his caccoon, he came out…

vhc 3

A big beautiful butterfly!

What fun! What’s your favorite thing about Eric Carle’s stories? Tell us in the comments below!

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Jungle Links to Get You Swinging!

Earlier this week I told you about our great imaginary trip to the Amazon Rainforest, where we started the story of the Little Prince. Well I thought that this was a great opportunity to share that experience with all of you! Check out some of these great links that can turn your little child’s world into an amazing jungle exploration!

1) Jungle Preschool Activities


The folks over at Cutting Tiny Bites had a whole week devoted to Jungle Adventures, and they were lovely enough to share some of their great experiences with us! I’m particularly impressed with their living room Vine Crawl myself 🙂

2) Jungle Swamp Sensory Bin


This is a great sensory tub activity that will keep your kids entertained for hours! Just make sure to set it up outside or in a place that you don’t mind getting messy!

3) Animal Tracks Are Not Alike!

Put those plastic animals to good use and help your kids discover how not animals are the same, even down to the shape of their toes!

4) Color-Sequencing Snakes

Help your kids with their fine motor skills and color sequencing with this awesome pipe-cleaner snake craft! It’s Ssssssimply Ssssstunning 🙂

5) Elephant Color Blocking

What jungle adventure is complete without a visit from Elemer the colorful elephant? You can help color in his great thick skin with your own little colored squares!

Happy exploring everyone!

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Kids Nook Reads: The Magical Snow Garden

I’ll admit it: I adore this book. I’m a bit of a winter grouch, and the reason is that I love the bright and beautiful colors that come in springtime and summer. With all that said, is it really any surprise that I chose this story about an adorable penguin making his own garden for this week’s book recommendation?

snow garden 1
The Magical Snow Garden 
Written by Tracey Corderoy
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
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Explore the World With The Little Prince

One of the most beloved children’s stories, both here in Turkey and around the world, is The Little Prince. This lovely tale about seeing the world through the eyes of a child and how an individual, no matter what that person is like, is valued as much as the masses has affected us for generations. We shared this story at Kids Nook, and we’ve decided we want to share it with you as well!

We started off our story by having the children close their eyes and imagine what it would look like if an anaconda swallowed an entire elephant!


Then we told the tale of a Little Prince who loved his rose and helped save the life of a pilot.


For our activities we had the children draw what they thought an elephant inside an anaconda looks like…




Then we planted our own roses!

kp intro

Happy exploring friends!

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