Kids Nook Reads: Star Friends

It’s true: sometimes the outside world seems big, scary, and downright inhospitable (I’m looking at you SnowAcolypse). But does that mean we should stay inside and never even bother exploring?

That is the very question posed in today’s book, Star Friends.

star friends 1

Star Friends
By Tracey Corderoy
Illustrated by Alison Edgson

star friends 2

On a planet very far away from our own lives a creature called Oogle-Doogle. He’s a very precise creature, and he loves neatness, order, and staying inside!

star friends 3

But then one day Oogle-Doogle hears a noise in his home. He looks around and finds… A silly Boogle!

star friends 4At first Oogle-Doogle is afraid, but soon Boogle has won him over. He’s even convinced him to come outside and play!

star friends 5

The two new friends have a wonderful time playing until… Boogle jumps too high! He disappears! What is Oogle-Doogle going to do? Find out in this out of this world book!

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