Kids Nook Reads: The Magical Snow Garden

I’ll admit it: I adore this book. I’m a bit of a winter grouch, and the reason is that I love the bright and beautiful colors that come in springtime and summer. With all that said, is it really any surprise that I chose this story about an adorable penguin making his own garden for this week’s book recommendation?

snow garden 1
The Magical Snow Garden 
Written by Tracey Corderoy
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
It all starts when our little penguin Wellington dreams of having his own garden.

snow garden 2

Then one day his friend gives him a colorful piece of trash. It doesn’t seem like much to the others, but to Wellington, this piece of trash is a great opportunity!

snow garden 3

He gathers as much trash as he can, performs a little magic, and voila! A beautiful garden!

snow garden 5

Everyone comes to see his garden and they’re all very impressed! Until… something awful happens. There’s a huge, whirling snowstorm that blows his whole garden away!

snow garden 5.1

Little Wellington is heartbroken! What is he going to do? Is it possible to get his lovely garden back to the way it was? Find out in this adorable book: The Magical Snow Garden.

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