Kids Nook Reads: Train!

This adorable book is great for little boys who have a fascination with trains and things that go zoom! With cute illustrations and simple to understand words and sentences, this is also great for learning how to read (or just learning English!)

train 1Train!
By Judi Abbot

train 2

Little Elephant LOVES trains! You bring up anything like lunch, football, pirates, and guess what he’ll respond with? Trains!

train 3

As special surprise his parents take him to ride a real train! Little Elephant is SO EXCITED!

train 4

On the train Little Elephant meets some new friends, but it turns out that they don’t like trains nearly as much as he does. They all start to argue about it until…

train 5

A tunnel! Afterwards everything gets really mixed up, and no one can figure out which toy belongs to whom! Will they ever figure it out? Will they learn to put aside their differences? Find out in this great story!

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