Links to the Rainbow!

To finish off our Very Hungry Caterpillar week, we decided to share some great kids activities inspired by Eric Carle’s great use of color!  Check out the links below for fun games!

1) Rainbow Toy Hunt- Coffee Cups and Crayons

It’s a simple idea, but look at how cool it is!

2) Pompom Color Matching


This game would be a good one to help kids figure out different shades of colors. Afterall, not all reds are the same 🙂

3) “Magic Milk” and Mixing Colors at Lemon Lime Adventures

An oldie but a goodie! Kids love seeing how the dishsoap, milk, and colors work together (and so do I!)

4) Colored Flower Experiment at Growing a Jeweled Rose


Another classic experiment where you can see what cool colors you can make with colored water and white daisies.

5) Homemade Rainbow Frozen Yogurt Snacks at Coffee Cups and Crayons


Ready for a snack? Try making your own rainbow yogurt freeze pops!

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