We’ve Got No Strings on Us! (Pinocchio Storytime)

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the story of Pinocchio, the earnest little puppet who wants to be a real boy, so it was a real joy to see how our storyteller Ayşegül interpreted the story. She even had her own little Pinocchio puppet!

pin2After the story we all went and started work on our own Pinocchio friends.



Don’t forget his little shoes!


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Spring Cleaning Links!

It’s only a few weeks until spring officially starts and I couldn’t be happier! The days are longer, flowers start blooming, and everything looks so much brighter! Of course now is the time when I start looking around my house and wondering just when I’d started living like a hibernating bear.

Here a few links to help you get started cleaning in probably the scariest room of your home: your child’s room!


This is a great website with some books and age-appropriate cleaning jobs to help get your kids involved in the cleaning process!

Need some ideas for organizing your kid’s room? Try this link over at Babble.com.

And over here at Love Chic Living there are some great storage ideas for toys!

Of course organizing toys is only half the battle! Sometimes you really need to give them a deep cleaning! Check out these great tips at Clean My Space!

Phew! You and your little ones have worked hard! Here, reward yourself with the best spring treat there is: Fruit Pizza!


Happy cleaning!

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What Do We See? A Brown Bear!

How many animals and colors could you recognize? Well thanks to Eric Carle’s Brown Bear the kids here at Sensory Storytime know quite a few!

brown bear 4We read the story together and then afterwards took our own little Brown Bears (and his friend the Black Sheep) out for some special activities.

brown bear 1Mmm-mmm! What’s more appetizing than eating treats in a special color sequence?

brown bear 2

Next we built little vacation homes for our bears and his animal frlends (can you see the white dog?)

brown bear 3

A perfect get-away for a bear and his friends!

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What an Ugly Duckling!

Have you heard the story of the Ugly Duckling? You know, the one where a duckling doesn’t look, or act, like a duckling? The story where the duckling has to go out and find out exactly what he really is, only to discover he’s not a duckling at all?

You have? Us too! And we love telling this story to children of all ages!

ugly duckling 1

ugy duckling 2

Afterwards we went and created our own little duckling wheels!

ugly duckling 4

ugly duckling 3

Happy swimming everyone!

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