Kids Nook Reads: My Name is Mr. Fox

We’ve had a great week at the farm, and so I thought it would be fun to share one of our farm books: “My Name is Mr. Fox.” Full of intrigue, disguises, and heroes saving the day, this story is great for young readers all over the world!

My Name is Mr. Fox
by Shen Roddie and Henning Löhlein

The story starts with the hens getting ready for their annual fancy dress ball. While they’re busy putting on their costumes, Mr. Fox lies outside, trying to formulate a plan to trap one of the hens for dinner!


The ball arrives, and Ms. Lou is dressed as a stunning peacock. Speck, disguised as a detective, is about to ask her to dance when suddenly… Mr. Fox cuts in!


Speck is supsicious of this amazing costume by “Mr. Fox,” but Lou just thinks the stranger is charming! She allows him to lead her away, with Speck following behind…


Will Speck be able to save Ms. Lou from the cunning Mr. Fox? Find out in this spectacular story!

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