Kids Nook Reads: Tea Cloud Monkeys

I know most of the time we review picture books here on Kids Nook, but this week I thought I’d break the mould with Tea Cloud Monkeys. There are still some gorgeous illustrations in this touching story, including the beautiful cover. Just look at it! Don’t you want to know what’s inside? Well read on through to get a taste of what’s to come…

ctmTitleCloud Tea Monkeys 
by Mal Peet, Elspeth Graham
Illustrated by Juan Wijngaard

The story is about Tashi, a little girl who lives with her mother at the foot of the mountains. The morning air is always a little chilly, but the fragrant tea warms up our heroine.


 Every day her mother goes out in the morning with the other women in the village to gather tea leaves. Some days Tashi goes with them, carrying her own satchel of food for the day.


At lunch time Tashi goes into the mountains where she meets with her special friends: the monkeys! She shares her food with them and she plays with the babies for hours.


Unfortunately, one morning Tashi goes to wake up her mother, but her mom is very ill. She sounds like she’s having trouble breathing, and her skin is very hot- too hot!


What is Tashi to do? They need money to get a doctor, so she goes to gather tea leaves instead of her mother… with disastrous results. Heartbroken and afraid, she goes to her friends in the mountains for comfort.


The monkeys realize that she is unhappy, so after disappearing for a while, they come back with a basket full of the most fragrant, green, beautiful tea leaves Tashi has ever seen!


What will happen to Tashi? Will the tea leaves help her? Or will they get her into even more trouble? Find out in this beautifully atmospheric book, Cloud Tea Monkeys.

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