Building Homes with Hansel and Gretel

What do these little guys….


And these flowers….



Have to do with Hansel and Gretel? Well you should probably click on through to find out!

Before we get to the messy part of our activities, we had to set the stage for our story? And how do we do that? With a good old fashioned story time featuring Hansel and Gretel.





Look at what good listeners our kids are!

Now, at the end of the story, as you may know, Hansel and Gretel return to their family with lots and lots of gold that they stole from the witch. So what’s the first thing you do with lots of gold if you’re a responsible parent (besides buy more food?) That’s right: Home Renovation! 


Look at those cute houses! And those great gardens!


There’s even a pool for the swan that rescued Hansel and Gretel from the story!

So tell us: If you were Hansel and Gretel, how would you decorate your home?

Happy renovating!

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