Kids Nook Reads: Usborne’s Lift-the-Flap Art

We’re doing something a bit different with our Kids Nook Reads post this week. I’ve been eyeing the Usborne Lift-the-Flap Art book for a very long time, mostly because I’m a sucker for art and art history, so I thought that I would share this fun and excellently done book with you this week.

artTitleUsborne Lift-the-Flap ART

Like I’ve already said, I love books about art, especially ones that offer a fun way of explaining it, and this book does just that.


Using lots of fun examples, this Usborne book talks about all kinds of different types of art, from painting to sculpture.


It also gets into things like optical illusions in both print and 3D models.


They do a good job with explaining art throughout history and the different kind of movements across the world.

And really, look at these cute lift-the-flap illustrations!




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