Pakolino Play Packs

This month we got a very special surprise at Kids Nook: a Pakolino Play Pack! Pakolino is a company that sends moms and kids a special package each month featuring crafts and games for the whole family to play with. This month the pack contained storytelling related, which is right up our alley 🙂

main 4


This package contains three packs, one for each activity, along with everything you’ll need to create each craft, including kid scissors, a glue stick, and markers. There’s an instruction booklet for each craft, plus an extra booklet of extra activities!

main 1

The first activity is a cool little theatre with a moving backdrop!

main 3

It comes with two backdrops that have already been made (a fairy tale kingdom and an ocean scene), along with two blank backdrops so that you can make your own stories! It also comes with stickers so you can add your own cool stuff to the theatre.

I chose to color the ocean background with my own colored pencils. There was nothing wrong the markers, I just prefer colored pencils to markers because I have more control over the colors that way 🙂

theatre 1

Arranging the theatre is very easy, and it’s even easier to switch out the backgrounds! There’s plenty of fun your kids can have with this theatre and some of their little action figures!

theatre 2

The second activity was to create a bird puppet!

bird 4

As much fun as this was, it definitely requires some adult assistance with the cutting and assembling. But look at how cool it looks!

bird 1

bird 3

I love it!

The last activity was to create your own story cubes!

story cube 1

For those of you who don’t know, story cubes are small dice (or cubes) with different pictures on them. The point of the game is to roll the dice and create a story that connects all of the pictures.

story cube 2


Pakolino gives you a bunch of pictures that you can color, but there are also a few blank spaces so you can draw your own photos.

story cube 3

I have to say, I was quite impressed with this Play Package. Not only did they give you everything you needed to create the activities, they also allowed you to have some of your own options. Don’t like an ocean/castle scene? Make your own! Want to throw in some Little Ponies on the story cubes? Go wild!

Check out Pakolino and see what everyone else has been doing! There’s a great section featuring some of the instagram photos of moms and kids doing some of the activities.

Until next time!

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