Kids Nook Reads: Hug Me!

By all appearances, this book is about a tiny, cute little cactus who just wants a hug. To an extent, that’s true. But it’s also a beautiful parable about finding love in the wrong places, healing, and then learning to help others again. Bet you didn’t expect all that from a kid’s book huh?


Hug Me
by Simona Ciraolo


Felipe, the adorable cactus on the cover, comes from a well known family of pretty, yet prickly, cacti.


They keep telling him that he’ll grow up to be something great, but Felipe doesn’t want to be something great… he just wants a hug!


He’s so lonely that when a yellow balloon comes along, he doesn’t realize the true nature of his new friend, or the consequences of getting too close to such a reckless balloon.


As you can imagine, this friendship with the balloon doesn’t end well, and everyone in Felipe’s family blames him for what happened. Felipe feels awful.


So, like many of us who have been hurt, our little cactus friend retreats into his own little world, where no one can bother him and he can’t bother anyone else.


That is, until… well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Happy reading friends! And don’t forget to keep loving!

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