Kids Nook Reads: The Stinky Cheese Man

Today’s book is a classic! I remember reading all of these crazy stories during primary school, either together with my librarian during class or giggling at the absurdities with my friends. With such fond memories, how could I resist sharing this funny little book?

scmtitleThe Stinky Cheese Man (and Other Fairly Stupid Tales)
by John Sciezka and Lane Smith

I had the greatest time revisiting this book when it arrived at the store. Whether it was the story of impossible standards and a prince who takes matters into his own hands…


Or laughing at how Jack, the narrator gets way ahead of himself–


Or reading the story of Cinderumpelstilkskin (the girl who really blew it).


Then of course, you can’t forget the story of the Stinky Cheese Man. A lot of the boys who read this book like this story best because, as they put it, “I really like stinky things.”


Me too bud. Me too.

(PS, what do you think of our new featured photo? That’s Patti, our bookstore cat!)

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