Light Up Your Life (With These Light Table Links!)

As you might have noticed in our “Bear Says ‘Thank You'” post, we got new light tables at Kids Nook. We are in love with these cool new tables, and as a way to celebrate I thought it’d be fun to share some great light table activities with you!

1) Watercolor on the Light Table


2) X-Rays (always a winner!)


3) Story Cups


4) Mandala Beads 


5) Of course… Water Beads! 


Enjoy a little light in your life!

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Bear Says “Thank You!”

This weekend we introduced a brand new story to our Sensory Storytime repertoire: Bear Says “Thank You!”  It’s an adorable story about a very polite baby bear who makes a craft for his mommy as a nice way to say “Thank you!” to her.


Inspired by this cute little bear, we decided to make our own little gifts for our moms. You can see what kind of crazy things we got up to under the cut!
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Pretty Princesses and Apple Cookies

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you get to go outside and explore? Make any cool crafts?

Well this weekend at Kids Nook, we were soooo lucky to have a visit from our favorite child friendly baker Yasemin!

pamuk prenses 2

With a few key ingredients…


We sifted…



pamuk prenses

And ate our lovely snacks during story time!


Thank you for coming Yasemin!  And thanks for all the delicious food!

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