Kids Nook Reads: Bye Bye Baby Brother!

Unless you’re an only child, then the chances are pretty good that you’ve gone through a phase when you just really, really wished your sibling wasn’t around. Bye Bye Baby Brother! tells the story of one such little girl, and her imaginative ideas of how exactly to make her brother go away.

Bye-Bye Baby Brother!
by Sheena Dempsey


The trouble starts when Ruby wants to play with Mom, just like they normally do.


But every time Ruby comes up with a new, fun game, Mom has to take care of Oliver! How rude of him to take all of Mom’s attention!


This is not to be borne! So Ruby starts brainstorming different ways  to get rid of Oliver. She thinks of magic shows, yard sales, but finally she settles on…


Sending him to the moon! Immediately she starts building a great rocket ship to send him away, when Mom and Oliver appear! They want to help!


So together with Mom and Oliver, Ruby sends the rocket to the moon. They all have a great time, but is it enough for Ruby to consider keeping Oliver? Find out in Bye-Bye Baby Brother!

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