Kids Nook Reads: The Black Rabbit

Have you ever walked around on a sunny day, only to realize that you’re being followed by someone who seems to be just like you? They move like you, run like you, sometimes they seem bigger, sometimes they seem smaller….

That’s the problem that our little rabbit has in today’s story, The Black Rabbit. 

tbr1The Black Rabbit
by Phillippa Leathers

Little Rabbit plans on beginning its day just like any other. It leaves it’s cozy little rabbit hole when suddenly it sees…. THE BLACK RABBIT!


Rabbit is terrified, and tries to run away! But no matter where Rabbit goes…


It seems that the Black Rabbit is never very far behind.


Finally Rabbit runs away into a dark woods, where it can finally eat its lunch in peace. But what’s this? Is there something even more frightening in the woods than a giant Black Rabbit?


Will Rabbit be able to escape? Will the Black Rabbit help? Find out in this adorable book, The Black Rabbit!

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