Kids Nook Reads: Once Upon an Ordinary School Day

Did you ever have those days at school when you were just counting down the seconds until you were FINALLY able to leave? Were those days ever turned around by a great teacher? In this book Once Upon an Ordinary School Day, that’s exactly what happens as our hero learns to really dive into music.

1dayschooltitleOnce Upon an Ordinary School Day
(Sıradan Bir Okul Günü)
by Colin McNoughtan


We start off the story like our hero does in any other day: routine, scheduled, and muted colors. Nothing exciting about the day, but we still have to go through the motions right?


Even everyone at school feels the same. That is, until…


Music Class.


This is a wonderful story about using your mind, your ears, and your heart to explore different parts of the world.


It would be a great one to use as a teacher to partner with music class, or just to explore music at home with your little one.

Enjoy the story and enjoy the music!

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