Kids Nook Reads: I’m the Best!

Have you ever looked at the people around you and thought to yourself: “Wow! I am the best!” It’s okay if you have; we’re all the best at something. You can be the  best artist at school, the best at math, or even the best pizza eater! But chances are you have some friends who are better at somethings than you are.

This week’s story is about a little dog who thinks he’s the best at EVERYTHING.


I’m the Best by Lucy Cousins

In this fun illustrated book (with some great bold colors and techniques), a little dog thinks he’s the best at everything, from digging to swimming to being bigger than his friends!


The problem is that he often talks about how good he is at these things, and this can make his friends feel bad about themselves. But they soon discover that the dog may not be the best at everything…


Will the dog ever learn to be humble and to be kind to his friends? Find out for yourself!

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