Kids Nook Reads: Yuck! That’s Not a Monster!

Families are weird. My family loves to sit around the living room and speak to each other in funny voices. My brother’s room is messy and my dad has a collection of bizarre antique pens in an old cedar box. But the thing is, even though my family is a little strange, it’s MY kind of strange, and I love them all the same!

This week we read about a similarly strange family in Yuck! That’s Not a Monster! by Angela McAllister and Alison Edgson.

yuck not a monster1

In this story, the cutest little monster is born into a family of the roughest, nastiest creatures you’ve ever seen!
yuck not a monster 2But the thing is: they think the cute little monster is the weird one! Really, what kind of monster likes to give hugs? It’s disgusting!

yuck not a monster3

Will our little monster ever find his place in his family? Can they love him despite their differences? Find out with this little book!

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