Kids Nook Reads: Harold Finds a Voice

Do you love making funny noises? Do you spend your time listening to different accents just because you love to? Well you may not, but I sure do! That’s probably why I loved reading about the adventures of Harold, a mischevious parrot in a big city!

harold finds a voice titleHarold Finds a Voice
by Courtney Dicmas

Harold is the kind of parrot who’s not only a great listener, he’s a great talker! He loves to fly around the house and make all sorts of noises.

harold finds a voice 3

But one day Harold gets a little bored making the same sounds all the time, so he decides to go out and explore!

harold finds a voice 2

He hears all kinds of great sounds, and it makes him start to wonder what kind of sound he can make… or if he’ll even like it.

harold finds a voice 1

Will Harold find his voice? Will he like it as much as all the other sounds in the world? Read this book to find out!

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