Kids Nook Reads: The Red Boat

Moving to a new house can be really difficult, especially if you’re also moving to a new city. You have to make new friends, meet new people, and get used to weird new things.

This week we read The Red Boat, which is a story all about finding creative ways to cope with your new environments.

the red boat titleThe Red Boat
By Hannah Cumming

The hero of our story has moved to a new house and a new town, with only her dog to keep her company!

the red boat 1

It doesn’t really seem that great… until the two find a fancy red boat in their backyard!

the red boat 2

But it turns out this is no normal boat! That night it flies to our hero’s window, and she and her dog take it to go on some pretty strange adventures!

the red boat 3

Where does the Red Boat take our heroes? Will they ever figure out how to adjust to their new home? Find out in this great book!

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