Kids Nook Reads: Look! A Book!

When I was a kid one of my favorite thing to do was sit down and “read” Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally for all of you Brits out there).  The weird illustrations of funny people doing silly things would make me giggle, but the best part was looking for the man in the red and white striped sweater. This week though, I may have found my new favorite “seek and find” books called Look! A Book!

look a book
Look! A Book!
By Bob Staake

look a book1

Bob Staake’s characters are pretty distinctive, so while I hadn’t seen much of his work before, I knew when I picked this book up I’d enjoy it.

look a book 2

And why not? Unlike Where’s Waldo and the I Spy books, the pictures here have some breathing room, although there’s still plenty of things to keep your eyes busy.

look a book 3

One of the unique things about this book is also the layout. There are holes in the pages that draw your attention to smaller details you might have otherwise missed. Then when you turn the page…

look a book 5

You see everything in the larger, much crazier context.

I enjoyed hunting through the illustrations in this book, and I know that even children as young as four or five would enjoy these as well.

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