Kids Nook Reads: Ruby’s School Walk

I’ll admit: I was definitely that kid who loved to make things up as she walked around her small town. The tunnel under the bridge was full of magic creatures and it was totally possible that trolls lived in our playset. It was a way to liven up my world, but also to face my own fears.

The star of our book today, Ruby, has the same way of seeing the world. But how will she cope when she has to face something she’s never seen before?

ruby's school walk titleRuby’s School Walk
by Kathryn White and Miriam Latimer

Ruby sees a lot of strange things on the walk to school. Even though her mom insists they are perfectly normal things…

ruby's school walk

Ruby knows better! She believes in being prepared for everything!

ruby's school walk 2

But what happens when Ruby has to face something she’s never face before: school?!

ruby's school walk 3

Will Ruby be able to overcome this difficulty? How will she triumph? Find out in this great book from Barefoot Books!

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