Kids Nook Reads: Gruff the Grump

Some days are just no good, and that’s fine! We all have those moment when we just want to sit inside and pout. But while we may want to do this, it’s never a good idea to make a habit out of it, or to ignore the efforts of our friends to cheer us up.

Today’s story is about a bear who stayed inside and pouted for too long: Gruff the Grump. Take a look and see what happens to this Grumpy bear!

gruff the grump 1“Gruff the Grump”
Written by Steve Smallman, Illustrated by Cee Biscoe

gruff the grump 2

Gruff is a nasty old bear who lives all alone in his dark, dirty cave. He rarely ever goes out, but the one time he does…

gruff the grump 3He meets a little cheerful rabbit! The rabbit is stuck in a tree, trying to get a golden “star” from among the golden leaves. Gruff helps him, and as thanks, he gives Gruff the very star he was trying to get!

gruff the grump 4

Gruff takes the star home and puts it on his shelf… and the next day the same thing happens! Soon he has golden stars decorating his entire house! But instead of being thankful towards Rabbit…

gruff the grump 5He gets angry! Rabbit was only trying to help, but now Gruff might be all on his own…

Will Gruff realize that he prefers friends and stars to grumpiness and loneliness? Find out in this wonderful book!

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