Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We know that’s still a week away, but you know what the great thing is about  American holidays being celebrated outside of America? You can do it whenever you want 🙂

Check out some of the highlights of our awesome Halloween party!









Aren’t our kids adorable? Happy Halloween everyone!

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Great Book Themed Parties for Kids

This week we told the story of a little rabbit who loves the surprise his friends, only to have his own friends surprise him with a birthday party! So in the spirit of celebrating, we have a few book-themed parties to give you some inspiration for your next giant bananza!

  1. To get us started, check out these adorable “bookworms” 

2. Reading the Stinky Cheese Man to your class? Get them involved with Stinky Cheese Platters











3. There’s also the ADORABLE ideas in this post

4. Lastly… check out our fun Very Hungry Caterpillar food party from this spring. Yum!






Party on folks!

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