Kids Nook Loves: Christian Robinson- “The Art of Fun”

christian robinson1This week we’re starting a new section on the blog called “Kids Nook Loves.” This is where our favorite illustrators, artists, and our recommended links for games will go.





christian robinson4This week I wanted to share a popular artist Christian Robinson. He’s illustrated books such as Gaston (one of my personal favorites) and Last Stop on Market Street. He also did the illustrations for a historical picture book about Josephine Baker, which is full of fun costumes and whimsical scenes.

In fact, all of his illustrations are fun for kids to look at. His style seems pretty simplistic, but there are details in his illustrations that make going through the stories special. Just look at those cookies on the right! Colorful and delicious!

christian robionson2



His website is over at The Art of FunIf you like what you see there, you should definitely check out his books! And if you’re at Kids Nook, ask for Gastonthe story of a little white puppy who feels a little out of place in his family.

Links To Beat the Boredom This Şubat Tatıl

This week in Turkey the kids are having their two-week school break (think winter break, but pushed back a month). It’s a fun time for the kids to get out and spend some time at home with their parents, either at home or on vacation. But as we all know, “kids having fun” is sometimes easier said than done.

Check out some of these links we found on our Pinterest this week and see if anything strikes your fancy!

Creative Indoor Activites For the Winter

Improving Fluency by Reading With Your Child

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The Dot have your creative engines running? See what these kids did with their own “Circle Art!

Have a great holiday everyone!

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