The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far from the Links

After reading this week’s Kids Nook ReadsI was feeling a little nostalgic for the kind of apple crafts we did at school when I was a kid. One of my favorite ones was shrinking an apple head and making it into a favorite television or book character. So for this week’s link roundup, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of these great Apple-Crafts!

1) Make an Apple Tree with a Loufa


2) Apple Print Gift Wrap


3) Apple Shaped Suncatchers

4) Apple… Volcano! 


5) Apple Bird Feeder


Happy apple picking!
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Travel the World! See the Sights! Never Leave Your Living Room!

Ever since I was a little girl reading Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, I was fascinated with the idea of travel. I wanted to see all these great places! I wanted to ride the trains and then hop on a hot air balloon flying to the deserts of Cairo!

Unfortunately, that’s just not in the cards for most of us, especially when you’re only six years old. So how can you help your little ones experience the great wide world? By checking out some of these links!

1) Little World Passport (can’t leave without one of those!)


2) Chinese New Year’s Crafts


3) African Collar Necklace


4) Aboriginal Dot Painting


5) Homemade Diya for Diwali


Happy travels friends! Take lots of photos!

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Let’s Go Outside!

It’s been a while, but we wanted to share some great links this week to help get your imagination going!

It’s the last full week of April, and for us here that means that we might FINALLY be able to go outside again! I’m personally thrilled by this prospect (in case you couldn’t tell… I’ve been waiting for spring since February!) To get myself and our dear readers prepared for this glorious season, I’ve found some fun crafts you and your kids can do to welcome spring!

Stained Glass Kite Craft


Egg Carton Flowers

Painting with Mud!

Nature Exploration Table

And last, but probably most importantly…

Spring Book Recommendations!

Happy linking!

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Jumping Clay: A Great Addition to Your Classroom

You may have been on our site before and wondered “How did they make such cute animals and accessories for their activities?” I’ll let you in on the secret… it’s Jumping Clay! We’ve been using it at Kids Nook for a few months now and let me tell you: it’s amazing!


Jumping Clay is a modeling clay that molds easily, cleans up quickly, and naturally hardens if left out for a few hours so you can have professional looking clay models without having to bake them.


Jumping Clay is non-toxic, comes in many different colors, and is lots of fun to play with!


Click through to see some more examples (and a tutorial video)!

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There Was an Old Lady…

There was an Old Lady… with some really strange eating habits. That being said, just look at the size of her tummy!


Of course, we had to be kind to our guest, so we fed her some flies, some spiders…



And then some even bigger animals!


I hope she’s okay getting home! Tell us, have you met this old lady? Don’t you think her diet is a little strange? What kind of weird things do you like to eat? Tell us in the comments below!

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Jungle Links to Get You Swinging!

Earlier this week I told you about our great imaginary trip to the Amazon Rainforest, where we started the story of the Little Prince. Well I thought that this was a great opportunity to share that experience with all of you! Check out some of these great links that can turn your little child’s world into an amazing jungle exploration!

1) Jungle Preschool Activities


The folks over at Cutting Tiny Bites had a whole week devoted to Jungle Adventures, and they were lovely enough to share some of their great experiences with us! I’m particularly impressed with their living room Vine Crawl myself 🙂

2) Jungle Swamp Sensory Bin


This is a great sensory tub activity that will keep your kids entertained for hours! Just make sure to set it up outside or in a place that you don’t mind getting messy!

3) Animal Tracks Are Not Alike!

Put those plastic animals to good use and help your kids discover how not animals are the same, even down to the shape of their toes!

4) Color-Sequencing Snakes

Help your kids with their fine motor skills and color sequencing with this awesome pipe-cleaner snake craft! It’s Ssssssimply Ssssstunning 🙂

5) Elephant Color Blocking

What jungle adventure is complete without a visit from Elemer the colorful elephant? You can help color in his great thick skin with your own little colored squares!

Happy exploring everyone!

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Explore the World With The Little Prince

One of the most beloved children’s stories, both here in Turkey and around the world, is The Little Prince. This lovely tale about seeing the world through the eyes of a child and how an individual, no matter what that person is like, is valued as much as the masses has affected us for generations. We shared this story at Kids Nook, and we’ve decided we want to share it with you as well!

We started off our story by having the children close their eyes and imagine what it would look like if an anaconda swallowed an entire elephant!


Then we told the tale of a Little Prince who loved his rose and helped save the life of a pilot.


For our activities we had the children draw what they thought an elephant inside an anaconda looks like…




Then we planted our own roses!

kp intro

Happy exploring friends!

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We’ve Got No Strings on Us! (Pinocchio Storytime)

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the story of Pinocchio, the earnest little puppet who wants to be a real boy, so it was a real joy to see how our storyteller Ayşegül interpreted the story. She even had her own little Pinocchio puppet!

pin2After the story we all went and started work on our own Pinocchio friends.



Don’t forget his little shoes!


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What Do We See? A Brown Bear!

How many animals and colors could you recognize? Well thanks to Eric Carle’s Brown Bear the kids here at Sensory Storytime know quite a few!

brown bear 4We read the story together and then afterwards took our own little Brown Bears (and his friend the Black Sheep) out for some special activities.

brown bear 1Mmm-mmm! What’s more appetizing than eating treats in a special color sequence?

brown bear 2

Next we built little vacation homes for our bears and his animal frlends (can you see the white dog?)

brown bear 3

A perfect get-away for a bear and his friends!

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