Duck Goes Potty: Potty Training Games for Kids

Learning how to use the potty can be a pretty tricky experience. Just ask Duck, the hero of Duck Goes Potty from Hello Genius!

Lots of our kids that come to Sensory Storytime are in that stage where they’re also learning how to use the potty, so the games we play with them are extra fun.

We always like to start with putting diapers on our stuffed animals, just like mammas do with the kids.

duck goes potty 1

But of course that diaper gets a little dirty…

duck goes potty 2

So we have to clean up! Get out the toilet paper and water guys!

duck goes potty 3

duck goes potty 4

Now it’s time to wash up our big messes we’ve made.

duck goes potty 5

But we always remind the kids not to forget to use the soap!

duck goes potty 6

duck goes potty 7

Good luck with that potty training everyone!

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Potty Time!

This week we got to read the very silly story Duck Goes Potty with our friends here at Kids Nook. Afterwards we got to play some very silly games!

We started by taking our friends, the monkeys, and taking off their diapers for them…


Then showing them their new big kid potty!



Of course things can get a little messy…




But that’s no problem! We know how to clean them up… with a bubble bath!



Whoops! Looks like things got a little messy in the bathroom! That’s okay, mommy loves us anyway 🙂


What kind of things did you learn this week? Let us know!

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New Story! Duck Goes Potty!

I’m so excited to announce our new set of Sensory Storytime stories! We started off with the book Duck Goes Potty, an adorable book that helps kids transition into potty training!

duck goes pottyDSC_0008 Our sensory games including having the kids change the diapers on their own stuffed animals, which they loved!

(photo here)

Then we needed to teach duck how to use the potty properly.

First we needed to build our own ducks from colored dough…


Then we cleaned up his messes that he accidentally made 🙂


Once we cleaned up, we put everything in the “toilet.”


And lastly we remembered to washed our hands!

DSC_0044We had SUCH a great time with this story, and we can’t wait to show you more of what we’re doing!

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