Kids Nook Reads: Momo and Snap Are NOT Friends!

You may have noticed here, but we love books that feature great illustration and the power of suggestion to tell the story, and Momo and Snap was one of the very first ones we found here at Kids Nook.

This week it’s Momo and Snap are Not Friends by Airline Anderson!
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Ever Been to a Farm?

Have you ever been to a farm? When you live in a big city like Istanbul it’s a bit difficult to find one, so here at Kids Nook we try to give the kids the full farming experience with our Old McDonald sensory games.


 First we have them build farms for all the animals, including Mommy Animals and Baby Animals.


Then as thanks, the chickens give us eggs…


The cows gave us milk…


And we made some great cakes! Yum!


What kind of farm games do you like to play? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Do We See? A Brown Bear!

How many animals and colors could you recognize? Well thanks to Eric Carle’s Brown Bear the kids here at Sensory Storytime know quite a few!

brown bear 4We read the story together and then afterwards took our own little Brown Bears (and his friend the Black Sheep) out for some special activities.

brown bear 1Mmm-mmm! What’s more appetizing than eating treats in a special color sequence?

brown bear 2

Next we built little vacation homes for our bears and his animal frlends (can you see the white dog?)

brown bear 3

A perfect get-away for a bear and his friends!

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Time for the Farmyard Jamboree!

This week at Sensory Storytime we got ready to dance with Farmyard Jamboree!

We started by getting some work done on our very own farms, icluding collecting eggs…



Milking the cow….

DSC_0043And even putting the animals to sleep by covering them with flour!



It was super fun! If you’d lik to join us, come see us on Monday!

11:00: 1-3 years old
16:00: 4-6 years old
17:00 1-3 years old

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Getting Messy With Pete the Cat

This week we’re telling the story of the coolest cat around: Pete the Cat with his awesome white shoes.


We played all kinds of games, including lacing and coloring our very own shoes!



But the best game of all was when we got to expirement with making different colors! Making blue…


Into purple!


We are not afraid of getting a little messy here at Kids Nook !


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