Your Own Fairy Gardens (with Links)

Earlier this week we showed you some of the cool things we’re doing with Masal Bahçe, so with that in mind I thought it’d be fun to share some fairy garden ideas with you guys this week.

  1. Little Marble Snails (so cute!)
  2. Using broken pottery to make a mini garden
  3. Wheelbarrow garden!
  4. Lastly… this ADORABLE teacup garden

Happy gardening friends!

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Story Gardens meet Mole and Ant

One of our wonderful new programs at Kids Nook is Story Gardens (Masal Bahçe), where we read wonderful stories about exploring the world with the kids, then make our very own gardens, little things we can take with us when we have to live in a big city. This week’s story was Bahçıvan Köstebek ve Uçan Karınca Kıvırcık, a cute story about a mole who makes a wonderful home for his new little ant friend.

Afterwards we made our own garden homes for our wild friends. We started with some dirt and moss.

mole and ant5

Then we added things like flowers, a miniature home, and pretty rocks to decorate it.

mole and ant7

mole and ant4

mole and ant8

Last but not least, we added a very special friend… a real life snail!

mole and ant2

mole and ant1

What a wonderful little project, don’t you agree? And the kids loved it as well!

mole and ant3

Happy gardening friends!

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