The Incy Wincy Spider Crawls Up, Up, Up!

The Incy Wincy Spider Crawls up, up, up! Then comes down, down, down!

But that’s okay, because in the meantime we’ve got lots of fun games she can play with us!

For example, let’s take a look at how we can catch big giant flies!


Then, after a few lessons from our spider friend, we can make our very own tiny webs.



Watch out for that rain though! It can be a doozy!


But don’t worry! We all have a good time, no matter what kind of rain (or bubbles) are coming down on our heads!


Good luck climbing those drain pipes this week!

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawls All Over Kids Nook!

This past weekend we played with one of our old favorites, The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

We helped her get her breakfast for the day by catching all the little bugs!


After that we had to catch our own little bugs, just like the Spider!



And of course we wouldn’t be able to play with the Spider if we didn’t learn how to spin our very own webs!



We used colored spahgetti and rice for our activities today, as well as little wooden ladybugs that the kids could “catch” with their spoons! It was a blast, and we hope you enjoyed looking at our photos as much as we did playing in them!

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