Kids Nook Presents: It’s Very Hard to be an Octopus!

This weekend we had a very special visit from our friend Sara Sahinkanat, award winning author of many different childrens books here in Turkey. For our storytelling, she told us the story of “Yavru Ahtapot Cok Zor!” also known as “It’s Very Hard to be an Octopus!” Afterwards we made some beautiful mirrors with seashells and Jumping Clay.






Check out some more great photos after the cut!

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Jumping Clay: A Great Addition to Your Classroom

You may have been on our site before and wondered “How did they make such cute animals and accessories for their activities?” I’ll let you in on the secret… it’s Jumping Clay! We’ve been using it at Kids Nook for a few months now and let me tell you: it’s amazing!


Jumping Clay is a modeling clay that molds easily, cleans up quickly, and naturally hardens if left out for a few hours so you can have professional looking clay models without having to bake them.


Jumping Clay is non-toxic, comes in many different colors, and is lots of fun to play with!


Click through to see some more examples (and a tutorial video)!

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