Gettin Down to the Farmyard Jamboree!

It’s always a lot of fun to see the different kinds of games we can do with our farmyard animals. This week was another new expirement, which turned out really well!

DSC_0004Using grey “putty” we built our own farms with wooden blocks (with a little help sometimes 🙂



Afterwards we painted our new farms…


And let the animals play with them!


Don’t forget to cut the grass!


Hurray! We did it!


What kind of cool farms can you make? Let us know in the commets below!

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawls All Over Kids Nook!

This past weekend we played with one of our old favorites, The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

We helped her get her breakfast for the day by catching all the little bugs!


After that we had to catch our own little bugs, just like the Spider!



And of course we wouldn’t be able to play with the Spider if we didn’t learn how to spin our very own webs!



We used colored spahgetti and rice for our activities today, as well as little wooden ladybugs that the kids could “catch” with their spoons! It was a blast, and we hope you enjoyed looking at our photos as much as we did playing in them!

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Sensory Storytime Video!

Ever wonder what our Sensory Storytimes look like in action? Then we’ve got a treat for you!

This video features our farm yard story, which is usually used as a companion to Old MacDonald. In it the kids have to build a farm for the animals and put up fences to guard them from wild animals. After that it starts to snow! The kids have to pick out the big snowballs from the farm so the animals have a safe place to stay!

We hope you enjoy this!

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