Gingerbread Man Activities for You and Your Kids

Earlier this week we showed you some of our fun Gingerbread Man games, and so this week I thought we’d spread the gingerbread love a little. Here are some great Gingerbread Man activities that can help add a little festivity to your season!

  1. Stuffed Gingerbread Man Activity

2) Build Your Own Gingerbread House

3) Gingerbread Play-Dough

4) Gingerbread Writing Activity

5) Teddy Bear Cookies (just in case you’re sick of gingerbread by now)

Happy baking (and running!)

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Shadow Games (Links)

It’s starting to get a little more cloudy around here. It’s also starting to get darker earlier. While some of my friends are bummed out by this, I’m choosing to view it as a new opportunity… an opportunity to play with shadows (gotta be positive, right?) Check out some of the fun games and activities below to see what you can do with your kids!

  1. Activities to go with Dr. Suess’s The Shape of Me

2) Are Shadows Always Black?

3) Seizing the Day and Playing with Shadows!

4) Using Charcoal to Draw Shadows

5) Adding Shadows to Little Figurines

Happy playing!

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Links: Working with Our Anger

Just like Emily in Emily’s Tiger, we all have some moments of anger and frustration. This week we wanted to share some helpful links about how you can help teach your kids all about “tiger-itus,” and how to handle anger.

  1. “Let It Out Slowly” Anger Balloon (Great Visual Aid!)

2. Cool-Down Cubes

3. Safe-Space and Calming Jars

4. Calm-Down Codeword

5. Blowing Bubbles (so simple, but so effective!)

Keep it zen this weekend everyone!

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Links for Your First Day of School

Here in Turkey we are fast approaching the first day of school. To celebrate we’ve scoured the internet (or Pinterest) and found some of our favorite Back-To-School ideas.

  1. Teacher Gift: Mints (speaking from experience, these are a great way to counteract all the coffee teachers drink!)

2) Using chalk as a measuring tool for the First Day of School Photo

3) Create a Homework Station

4) Back to School Fashion Show!

5) Welcome Back Home… WATER BALLOON FIGHTS

Can’t wait to get back to school? Have some traditions you like to do every year? Let us know in the comments below!

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Traveling with Kids

Alright everyone, brace yourselves. School is about to end, and that means… VACATION!

Even if it’s just a short trip up the road, or a full-blown adventure around the world, you’ll probably need to prepare yourself, and your kids, for the long hours traveling. How? Well you’re not going to be able to rely exclusively on the iPad, I can tell you that. Instead check out some of these links to get your creative juices flowing.

1) Audio Books from Audible


2) Travel Packs for the Kids


3) Sticker Books and Coloring Books


4) Portable Legos


5) And of course… Food!


Happy Travels Friends!

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Let’s Go Outside!

It’s been a while, but we wanted to share some great links this week to help get your imagination going!

It’s the last full week of April, and for us here that means that we might FINALLY be able to go outside again! I’m personally thrilled by this prospect (in case you couldn’t tell… I’ve been waiting for spring since February!) To get myself and our dear readers prepared for this glorious season, I’ve found some fun crafts you and your kids can do to welcome spring!

Stained Glass Kite Craft


Egg Carton Flowers

Painting with Mud!

Nature Exploration Table

And last, but probably most importantly…

Spring Book Recommendations!

Happy linking!

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Links to the Rainbow!

To finish off our Very Hungry Caterpillar week, we decided to share some great kids activities inspired by Eric Carle’s great use of color!  Check out the links below for fun games!

1) Rainbow Toy Hunt- Coffee Cups and Crayons

It’s a simple idea, but look at how cool it is!

2) Pompom Color Matching


This game would be a good one to help kids figure out different shades of colors. Afterall, not all reds are the same 🙂

3) “Magic Milk” and Mixing Colors at Lemon Lime Adventures

An oldie but a goodie! Kids love seeing how the dishsoap, milk, and colors work together (and so do I!)

4) Colored Flower Experiment at Growing a Jeweled Rose


Another classic experiment where you can see what cool colors you can make with colored water and white daisies.

5) Homemade Rainbow Frozen Yogurt Snacks at Coffee Cups and Crayons


Ready for a snack? Try making your own rainbow yogurt freeze pops!

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