Old McDonald Activities

Old McDonald had a farm, ee-ii-ee-ii- Oh? What is all this? New games for Old McDonald’s Farm? Let’s take a look!

First, we made sure that our farm dirt was nice and muddy by spraying water into it!

old mcdonald6

Next we let the animals play in the mud a little bit…

old mcdonald9

Then we had to clean them up!

old mcdonald3

They were also really badly in need of a shave, so we covered them in shaving creme…

old mcdonald5

old mcdonald4

And gave them a good shave, without popping a single one!

old mcdonald 1

It was a fun, messy day, and we can’t wait to see what the next week brings!

Happy farming!

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Sensory Storytime Video!

Ever wonder what our Sensory Storytimes look like in action? Then we’ve got a treat for you!

This video features our farm yard story, which is usually used as a companion to Old MacDonald. In it the kids have to build a farm for the animals and put up fences to guard them from wild animals. After that it starts to snow! The kids have to pick out the big snowballs from the farm so the animals have a safe place to stay!

We hope you enjoy this!

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Old MacDonald Had a…. Mud Pie Factory?


Welcome back to our Sensory Storytime! This week it was Old MacDonald, featuring cows, horses, ducks, and mud pies?


The kids helped Old MacDonald create his farm with colored popcicle sticks before making some great mud pies for the animals to eat.

DSC_0021Afterwards we needed to find some of the hidden baby animals in their eggs, which were buried under lots and lots of rainbow rice!

DSC_0030Everyone was so engaged and super enthusiastic! They were singing E-I-E-I-O all the way home!


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