Kids Nook Reads: Paperbag Princess

Here at Kids Nook we’ve been stocking our shelves with some of the best English books on the market. But recently we got a very special shipment full of some of the old classics, such as Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess. 

pbptitleThe Paper Bag Princess
by Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

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Kids Nook Reads: Cave Baby

When my mom was a little girl, her slightly taller twin sister would get down on her knees and color on the wall. Of course since it was right at my mom’s eye level she would always be the one getting in trouble. Pretty creative thinking on my aunt’s part, huh?

Today’s story is about another mischievous child who likes to get creative with the home decor. Meet Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson.

cavebabytitleCave Baby
by Julia Donaldson
Illustrated by Emily Gravett

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Little Tiger Picks Up

Every wonder how a little Tiger picks up his room? Pretty much the same way as the rest of us do, only it’s a little bit more fun.

After we told the story of the Little Tiger who has to pick up his messes, we exercised our own powers of cleanliness.  First things first: playing!




But at the end of every play time, it’s time to clean up!



If anything is dirty, then it’s our duty to make sure it’s nice and shiny before we put it away.


Of course we have to clean up all the balls on the ground… after going through the tunnel!


Do you guys have any fun clean up games? Let us know!

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Are You Ready… For a BEAR HUNT?

Every time we tell this story to the kids, I make sure to warn them: Bear Hunting means getting messy, and it might get a little dangerous. But that’s okay, because we all have our moms with us right?

First we have to go through the icky dirt…bh6

Then we go through the dark forest!



Until we find… A BEAR!!!!



Take good care of him, okay guys? The bear is just grumpy from being woken up after all!

Happy Hunting friends!

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Helping Your Child to Love Reading!

Inspired by the post earlier this week, I scoured through Pinterest in order to find some great tips  for your kids from professional readers (well, semi-professional anyway). Take a look at some of these links and see if anything catches your eye.

1) Using Art and Drawing to Help Your Kids with Vocabulary


2) Practical Advice from a Mom to Encourage Reading


3) A Teacher Shares Some Great Ideas for all Kinds of Readers!

Happy reading friends!

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Kids Nook Reads: Five Little Monsters

I’ll admit it: at first I wasn’t sure about this book. I don’t know what it was really. Maybe it was the mosnters on the cover? Maybe I just never bothered to look inside. Well one day, while perusing our shelves, I came up on this book again. I decided, hey, why not? Let’s take a peek.

Suffice it to say: I loved it! It’s a very simple story based on a clever idea. Check out the book below the cut to see what I’m talking about!

flmTitleFive Little Fiends
by Sarah Dyer
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