What is Sensory Storytime?


What is Sensory Storytime?

Sensory Storytime is a concept that combines classic storytelling, classroom activities, and sensory play to teach the child. It’s a program that can be adapted to any language, but here at Kids Nook we use it for ESL.

For every Sensory Storytime program, we start with the story. This can be a classic fairy tale, such as The Gingerbread Man or it can be from one of our best selling books, like Duck Goes Potty or We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We take the story and make it interactive for the kids, incorporating both vocabulary and group participation. If we can add a song, even better!


After telling the story we create a set of sensory games based on the story. For example, in the story The Three Little Sheep (more commonly known as The Three Little Pigs), we ask every child to make three different houses using straw, sticks, and finally wooden blocks. We believe using sensory games not only helps the child remember vocabulary, it gives them a chance to develop their motor skills, their creativity, and fosters independence. If the child wants to create a beautiful four story house out of wooden blocks, they can. if they want to just stack blocks on top of one another and call it good, that’s also fine with us!

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Sensory Storytime is a great program for early childhood development. It engages the imagination and helps develop the child in numerous different ways. It can be adapted to many different cultures and languages. All you need is a good story and a good imagination!

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